• FAQ´s

    1.- What is the minimum number of pieces?

    50 is the minimum per order.

    2.- What is the cost of the emblems?

    The cost is quoted by project. The price is determined by quantity, size and colors of the logo.

    3.- How much does the set up cost?

    The cost of the set up of up to 81cm2 (31 1/2") is $120usd.

    4.- What does the setup cost include?

    A render of how the emblem and the metal mold will look.

    5.-¿Qué acabados presenta?

    Ofrece acabados Cromo y colores brillantes.

    6.- Can I change the size?

    No, the set up is a metal piece. And it will be quoted as a new project.

    7.- What is the delivery time?

    Once the digital sample is approved on a new project, it takes 15 days. For restocking, 10 days.

    8.- Are shipping and transport insurance included?

    Our prices are EXW service. Shipping and insurance are not included.

    9.- What are the minimum measurements?

    2.5cms x 2.5cms (1" x 1").

    10.- What are the maximum measurements for TrimFlex?

    20cms x 20cms (7 7/8" x 7 7/8").

    11.- How can I adhere Trimflex to different surfaces?

    (Heat press) Thermal Adhesive - Sticker - Badge (seam) - Velcro - Pin.

    12.- What do I need to heat press the emblems to the garments?

    An industrial iron that will regulate temperature, time and pressure.

    13.- What is the heat press process?

    We use videos to train our clients so they can heat press in their facilities.

    14.- How can I make payments for an order?

    We Through electronic transfer. PayPal is an option for customers abroad only.

    15.- What material is Trimflex made of?

    Polyurethane based emblems, PVC free.

    16.- What material is TopCrest made of?

    PVC based emblems, phthalate free.

    17.- On what kind of textiles can I heat press TrimFlex?

    Polyester, Cotton, PolyCotton. The only restriction is that the fabric has NOT been treated for water repelling.

    18.- Can I adhere Trimflex to leather, vynil leather, acrylic, wool, nylon?

    Yes, like a badge, with a seam.